Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prepping for My Week [inspiration]

I will be home all weekend long without a lot of obligations, so I am looking forward to grocery shopping and prepping my meals for the week (and probably cooking a nice Sunday dinner in there too).

I don't pin much on Pinterest anymore (follow my boards here), because I went a little crazy a couple of years ago. I have over 60 boards and 4,500 pins... maybe you can see why I don't pin much anymore? But since I have such a large library of pins, I like to go back through my own boards for inspiration.

Here is what I'm considering making in the coming weeks:

I want all of this RIGHT now! As I mentioned earlier this week, we have been eating a lot of chicken lately, so I really want to try and incorporate other meats into the rotation on a regular basis. Luckily with the meatballs and picadillo, we can use any kind of ground meat (and look for what's on sale).

Here are links to the recipes, I will not pretend to take credit for them!

Sea Salt & Vinegar Beet Chips : I absolutely love beets, but really don't eat them often enough. This recipe calls for pan frying, so I will be using their other option of baking them in the oven. I have weight goals after all!

Cheesy Baked Cauliflower Tots : These would be a great potato alternative for dinner one night. Although, I'm guessing you would have to bake them each night so they are crispy. I don't imagine these would make good leftovers.

Spicy Baked Tex-Mex Meatballs : I made these almost 2 years ago when I was on a paleo kick. They came out simply amazing and don't know why I haven't made them again! I served them with mashed sweet potatoes and it was the perfect combination.

Sweet Potato Encrusted Fish : I'm a little nervous about the shredded sweet potato actually sticking to the fish, but if I can execute this properly, it looks great.

Spicy Brown Sugar Shrimp : I have all the spices on hand and this looks too good to pass up. I'm not positive what sides I would want to make with this, so it could end up being one of those meals where we pick at a few different appetizers.

Turkey Picadillo Lettuce Wraps : I had a wedge salad over the weekend and now I am craving the crisp crunch of iceberg lettuce. I will have to keep the olives on the side or try to trick J into eating this :)

Check in with me next week to see what I end up making!

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