Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prepping For My Week [crockpot picadillo]

The last few weeks have been a breeze, because I have been planning ahead and doing more prep work. When trying to eat healthy, having food at your fingertips makes it easier to stay on track. 

I haven't ate fast food since May - that is an amazing statement! When my job used to stress me out and I didn't have anything cooked for lunch or dinner, fast food seemed like a convenient option both for time and stress relief. But this was such a bad cycle! I ate crap, so I felt like crap, so I ate crap... you get the picture!

On Sunday, J and I prepped the meals below for the week.

  • Crockpot Turkey Picadillo
  • Brown Rice
  • Salad with Tuna and Toppings
  • Yogurt with Fruit & Granola

I adapted this recipe from Kalyn's Kitchen for Turkey Picadillo. I loved the idea of making this with lean turkey instead of the traditional beef and loved the lettuce wrap part! I planned to have this with a side of brown rice and black beans, hence why I cooked the brown rice ahead of time. Well this changed a little on Monday after seeing the more stew-like consistency of my picadillo. I got lazy with food prep and instead of chopping the bell peppers and onions, I threw them in the food processor. That finely chopped them up and when combined with the crushed tomato, turned more saucy. It was still delicious though! I served it over brown rice and now I have to figured out what to do with all that iceberg lettuce... I'm thinking wedge salads will be in our future.

These tuna salads are my go-to lunch now and I can't even describe how much I crave these! I use a full can or packet of tuna, so there is plenty of protein to fill me up. I seriously have these salads at least once a week, if not more. I just haven't gotten sick of them yet, so I'm rolling with it! My go-to toppings for the tuna and mixed greens are below, but you can do so many variations. Use whatever cheese, dried fruit and nuts you like. I made a more Italian version of this a few weeks ago when I was trying to use up some tomatoes and parmesan. It was okay, but this original version is my favorite!
  • Goat cheese (it was feta this week because that's what we already had)
  • Dried cranberries 
  • Sliced almonds
  • Lemon vinaigrette 
I also try to prep my breakfasts and did yogurt or overnight oats a few times this week. I usually grab my breakfast and eat it at my desk once I get to work. But lately I have been distracted and wouldn't eat until 10, which threw off the rest of my meals for the day. So this week, I have been taking a few extra minutes in my morning routine to eat breakfast at home. I know it's not always practical, but I want to try to make more of an effort to do this.

I think I got a bit ambitious last week when I posted these meals for inspiration this week.

At least I cooked one of these meals! I did get ground beef for the Tex-Mex meatballs that I plan to cook next week. Since it's just J and me right now, we don't typically cook smaller meals, instead we make one large meal to last a few days. So this many recipes in a week is crazy! But I will certainly be referring to this as I plan the next few weeks. 

What are you cooking this week - I want to know! Do you prep for the whole week or cook each night?

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