Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Goals [Sept. 1]

It's always hard to get back into a routine after a long weekend, but focusing on my goals will certainly help remind me why it's important to jump back in!

I was pretty happy with my goals for last week :)

I lost some weight about mid-week and was excited to see that change. I felt I had hit a bit of a slump, which is why I decided to do SkinnyMeg's DietBet (more about that soon). I have yet to weigh in this week, so we shall see... I usually like to wait a day after the weekend to weigh-in. I don't think this is bad, I usually don't drink as much water on the weekends and we eat out more, so my sodium intake increases. I like to give my body a day to normalize.

I took progress photos (which I posted here) and my measurements. I was happy to see the photos compared to June 1, but the measurements haven't changed recently. That was a bit of a bummer, but I know I need to keep moving forward.

I did post my normal fitness routine on Friday. It is a nice reminder of what I have been working hard at. I think I will continue to do that for another month or so and then it will be time to mix it up!

Finally, I was proud of myself for staying on track this holiday weekend!
  • I had one light beer on Saturday and a glass of bubbly on Sunday. To be honest, I wasn't trying to stay away from the alcohol on purpose, but it just happened. I focused on my hunger signals and stopped eating when I was full. A beer on a full stomach just did not feel like a good move! 
  • It was hard to track my food, because I was not preparing the dishes, but I tried my hardest to have balanced meals and knew what to definitely stay away from (cookies and potato salad). J's Mom had the paper plates that were divided into sections and this helped with portion control. I knew I should put my proteins and fresh produce in the large section and keep the smaller sections for mac n cheese and baked beans.
  • I also focused on drinking a lot of water and it helped that J's Mom had lemon infused water!
  • Instead of making an indulgent dish for the BBQ, I decided to put together a fruit salad with grapes, strawberries, watermelon and pineapple. It was refreshing and just what I needed throughout the day. I was also glad to see that everyone else enjoyed it!

I wanted to keep on top of setting mini goals and this week's are all pretty straight-forward. I will do a post on SkinnyMeg's DietBet sometime this week and be sure to do a recap of Marionberry Fitness when it wraps up on Sunday.

It will be nice to finish cleaning out and organizing my closet. It is a bit frustrating every morning to pick out an outfit when things all fit differently! I already have a small box of clothes that are too big for me and I'm hoping that when I reach my goal, I can easily have some clothes altered to fit. It's also nice to move out the clothes that are still to tight for me to the guest closet. My goal is to open up my master bedroom closet and have it full of clothes that actually fit and work for me right now. When those start to get baggy, I can switch them out for the clothes in my guest room!

Remember, visit my Free Tools page to download these goal templates to motivate you!

What are your goals for the week? Any advice for me?

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