About Me

[If you want a more in-depth view of my journey, check out my first blog post here]

I live in Jacksonville, FL with my fiancé (who I will refer to as J) and our dog, Cooper (I don’t think I have to protect his identity, ha). Work is what brought us to Florida in January, when my fiancé got a great work opportunity here. I didn't hesitate to move with him and start building our lives here! I was fortunate enough to find a job that I love 3 weeks after I moved, so things certainly work out for a reason.

My fitness journey... has had a lot of ups and downs, like many people! Please enjoy this timeline I made for you. 

Just to clarify, I started college at a very healthy weight and wore a size 6-8. Before I started my weight lose journey in June, I was wearing a size 14. I am going to refrain from sharing my weight on the blog. I know people easily get fixated on a number and I want to avoid that. I get discouraged when I read other blogs and compare myself to them - "I'm the same height, but weight 30 lbs more!". So that will not be happening! Instead I will focus on weight loss and am happy to share my clothing sizes.

Since moving to Florida together we have focused more on our health and are fortunate enough to be outside 95% of the year here to encourage movement. I made the ultimate decision in May to make my health a priority. Our upcoming wedding serves as a catalyst, but this is much bigger than looking thin at my wedding. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease run in my family - and health and diet play a role in them. The more I can do to take care of myself now, the better!


  1. I'm so excited to follow your journey! (&& I REALLY hope we get to see wedding pictures eventually! :D

    1. Wedding pictures will certainly be coming! I'm glad I have photos of me trying on my dress in May, so I can compare it to the final product!


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