Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hitting Restart

May is a new month and what better time to hit restart. I could beat myself up for slacking off so far in 2015, but I've been happy, so I won't be too hard on myself! I celebrated my bachelorette with friends, got married (!), executed an amazing event at work, traveled to Nicaragua for our honeymoon and generally lived life well with my new hubby. 

My weight has slowly been creeping back up this year and it really sunk in for me when my clothes started to tighten up. It can't be that they're all shrinking - right?! I'm lucky to have a new coworker who I just sync with and has a lot of the same health goals as I do. We take walks throughout the work day and are holding each other accountable as we clean up our eating this month. 

I am doing paleo-ish. Let me clarify. I'm going to stick to a paleo-based diet most of the time. I honestly don't think having almond milk and quinoa is my problem. So if small things like that get thrown in the mix, I'm not going to worry. But I'm going to stay away from most carbs, breads and cheese.... and all those processed snacks I have been binging on lately!

Just tried Larabars for the first time today and it wasn't bad! I think the cherry pie was a bit to tart for my taste, but I'm definitely going to give them a try.

My main goal this first week back to clean eating, is to not worry about quantities, just eating the right stuff. I can then get back on track calorie counting once I have the types of foods under control!

I'll keep you posted - wish me luck!

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