Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Motivation [Sept 15]

Oh Monday... how you ruin my perfectly good weekend.

It actually won't be a bad week for me, because I am traveling for work Wednesday-Sunday, so I just have to stay focused for 2 days at my desk! I am actually a little worried about staying on track when I am gone, so please send me all of your healthy vibes, for real. I will post more tomorrow about my plan to stay on track, stay tuned.

For now, let's get Monday started with some motivation!

I remind myself of this every time I think about getting fast food. There is instant gratification that comes with say chicken nuggets and fries, but I always regret it! Lately, I feel sick when I go off track with something a little greasier too. NOT. WORTH. IT.

Amen! As much as I hate dragging myself out of bed at 6 am to run before work a few days a week, it's worth it. This week, people at work have been commenting that I look great and it's a good feeling :) It cracked me up when one coworker said, "I'm not sure if this is appropriate or what, but have you been doing something? You look great!" Yesssss, I have been working my butt off and not eating crap, so glad it took 15 pounds for you to notice... Good thing I don't say everything I think out loud!

I might sub Ryan out for John Legend or Will Smith, but in a pinch, he will do :)

I hope you have a great week!

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