Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Goals [Sept. 10]

I had some hits and misses this last week in terms of goals, but I guess that is all part of the process! I'm feeling grateful for this journey and know I am making decisions every day that are impacting my health and future.

I have finally hit a total weight loss of 15.4 lbs since June 1! It felt really good to update my tracker in the left-hand bar (take a look) and I hope to do this more. The weight loss has certainly been slower this last month. In June and July, I was losing about a pound a week and now it seems to have slowed to half pounds each week. I will take it! But I won't lie that it isn't as exciting to see those small changes on the scale. I know I have been running and lifting more, so my muscles are continuing to build, which in the long-run is a good thing, because I will burn more calories.

I checked off a few other big goals that I had set in June as well. So even though I didn't see a huge loss on the scale, I can focus on the overall progress!

I'm a little behind my August 31st deadline for losing 15 pounds, but progress not perfection! As I mentioned in Friday's fitness post, I ran with a new trail running club in my area on Sunday. The group was really nice and mostly older than me, but I guess when you're running that doesn't matter! I ran the longest distance I have ALL YEAR and hit the 5K mark! This was huge for me and I kept up my speed well. The trail is a little sandy in places, so it definitely was challenging, but it's a nature preserve, so the beauty made up for it.

Circling back to the "progress not perfection" statement, that about sums up my last week's goals, which are below. I didn't hit all of them... whomp whomp. I need to actually look at these every day to remind myself and not just hope I'm doing them!

So some of last week's goals are rolling over to this week. I am a few days behind in the Sexy Toned Arms Challenge, but I am determined to finish it! My arms are feeling much stronger, so I can't wait to share all those details with you next week. I also need to get back to doing squats regularly, because I notice a difference in my backside when I do, PLUS Jamaal also really likes squats, so it's nice to do them together.

As I mentioned above, I know I am building more muscle now and that may be why my weight loss has slowed down. I want to schedule a meeting at my gym to get my body fat percentage calculated so I can start to track this.

Do you have any goals this week? How to you motivate yourself to accomplish them?

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