Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goals [toned arms]

As you may have noticed in yesterday's post, one of my September goals is to focus on toning my arms/shoulders. I thought I would expand upon that goal here, because I know you were dying to hear more!

When I was regularly hitting the gym in my early twenties, my arms weren't too shabby. In fact, I tried for a while and the guy I ended up dating for 6 months that I met on there, said my picture caught his eye, because of my arms. Woot woot! Looking at my pictures below from the last 6 months, my arms just look enormous to me. I guess it's all about perspective, but I feel gross looking at them! The picture in the top right corner was taken on Easter weekend and I thought I looked great that day. It was such a buzz-kill to see this photo later that day.

So I am recommitting myself to toning my arms. Boom, it's out there now! For me, I notice someone's arms long before I notice their abs (unless they're in a bikini), so I want to put my best foot forward to the world.

I have been following Marionberry Style for a while now, it's a great fashion blog. She has been branching out to the fitness world and has a great fitness-themed Facebook page that I check every day. Definitely check it out! She also does challenge groups each month that focus on certain areas. I am currently doing her 14-Day Sexy Arm Challenge and on Day 3. I won't divulge too many details of the challenge, but if you are interested in it, click here to request to join the group. It is all body weight exercises, so no equipment or gym needed!

I'm really excited to stick with this challenge and 2 weeks seems so reasonable. To keep myself motivated, I took some before arm photos yesterday. I can't wait to see the difference this challenge makes!

And just in case I wasn't motivated enough, I've made an inspiration board of some nice toned ladies you might recognize!

Do you have any secret moves for toned arms?

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