Friday, August 29, 2014


I wanted to share one way I keep on track with my snacking - graze.

I am the first to admit that I have control issues. Both forms (1) I like to be in control of what is happening around me and (2) I have no self control when it comes to chips and snacks of that nature. In the past, if I was home alone and opened a large bag of chips... they might all be gone within an hour. I am trying to get better about this and actually count the serving out in a bowl, so I'm not eating right out of the bag (but $hit happens sometimes).

I first heard about graze through MyFitnessPal and thought it was risk-free enough to give it a try. I see a lot of subscription boxes out there for everything under the sun and have always stayed away from them. But graze seemed different. It's $6 a box, which includes shipping, and you get to try 4 new snacks in each box. I mean, for that price, I don't feel guilty signing up at all.

I have chosen the calorie counter box, to make sure all my snacks would be under 150 calories and you can even put in dietary preferences as well. You can rate snacks when you get started and as you try new snacks, you can adjust your ratings.

I am definitely not being paid to say all this by graze, just wanted to share a great thing I have found! If you're interested in trying it, use my referral link here, you will get your 1st and 5th box free. I mean, why not try it? For a total of $18, you will get 5 boxes of snacks. You can set it up to get deliveries each week or every other week (which I do).

I am absolutely obsessed with the my thai snack below. It is so freaking good and it's only 80 calories!

Sometimes I don't get excited about the dried fruit snacks, but they are actually delicious. And if anything, it's easy to grab these and throw over yogurt or a salad.

I get mine delivered to the office so I can have snacks readily available at work (or because I don't want to share them with J). They come in these convenient little containers and I keep them stacked nearby for when hunger strikes!

Again, graze is not sponsoring this post, I just like them. If people do use my referral link, I get a $1 off my next box, but you get free boxes too, so it's win-win!

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