Monday, August 25, 2014

Progress [six weeks]

So let's just start this off by saying this is a no judgement zone. I've seen blog post comments and people can be nasty! There is only room for positive encouragement here :)

I dread posting these pictures and haven't shared my new blog with many people I know yet. I'll work up to that! Everyone has to start somewhere, so here is where I am starting. This is pretty much the biggest I have ever been and I think the best word to describe me here is "soft":

It's hard to know how much to weight and measure yourself. Sometime it is bad to obsess over it. I decided to take progress pictures about 6 weeks into tracking my food intake and regularly working out. I felt it was time, because my clothes were starting to fit a lot better (isn't that the best feeling?).

It doesn't look like much change at a quick glance, but I knew my clothes were fitting better. I took some measurements to verify and my waist is more defined and my stomach isn't as bloated. I still have a long way to go, but I think it will be amazing to look back 6 months from now at these photos!

I also starting doing a squat challenge that Marionberry Fitness hosted (I didn't finish it sadly, so I need to start again) and it suggested taking before and after photos of your a$$ to see your progress. I naturally will NOT be posting those here, but it brings up a good point. If you are going to focus on an area, it's not a bad idea to take before and afters of that specific area.

Do you take photos to track your progress? Thoughts? Leave some comments and let's get a conversation going!


  1. progress is progress, no matter how small! you're doing wonderfully and you're a LOT braver than i am--i'm too weenie to put my progress pictures up....yet..... keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks Talia! Definitely not proud of my before photos, but I sat on the beach with this same body on Sunday, so I guess it's already out there for the world!


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